10 tips to New York City

1. Call 311 or 212-New York for all information about the city.

2.Fifth Avenue divides Manhattan into the east side and west side.

3.When getting directions, always ask for the cross streets.

4.In Manhattan, if u walk 20 block north or south, u have walked one mille.

5. If the number on the top of the taxicab is lit,it meaans the cab is available.

6.It is a customary to tip 15-20% to waitstaff, bartenders ans taxi drivers.

7.Metrocards work on both buses and subways, and tranfers between the two are free.

8.Free whireless Internet is avaliable at many public parks.

9.Many business, including pharmacies an delis, are open 24hours.

10.Have a question about NYC? just ask the locals or go to nycvisit.com

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